Central New York Research Corporation (CNYRC) was established in 1989 to conduct, promote and support the medical research and education activities of the Syracuse, Canandaigua and Bath VA Medical Centers and to advance the wellbeing of veterans and the general public by these endeavors.

CNYRC is a non-profit, tax-exempt institute. Collaborative endeavors may be established with universities, for profit companies, hospitals, charitable foundations, professional societies, the Public Health Service, or other governmental agencies, and other non-profit entities.

CNYRC supports and conducts extramural research activities at the Syracuse, Canandaigua and Bath VA Medical Centers. CNYRC’s active research program has over 50 skilled, expert certified research professionals and a number of their staff that are currently working on:

Prostate Cancer
Respiratory Disease
Infectious Disease
Spinal Cord Injury
Mental/Behavioral Health
Suicide Prevention
Multiple Sclerosis
Podiatry Nutrition Focus in Oncology

Specific areas of interest include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Behavioral Neurosciences, Diabetic Foot Ulcer, and Prostate Cancer.

A full clinical studies unit is devoted to industry supported clinical trials that especially target the above areas of interest. CNYRC has access to 31,650 unique patients and 133,337 outpatients annually and an electronic medical record system that allows immediate access to important data as well as the conduct of important retrospective research projects.

Our research team strongly believes the work we do defines tomorrow’s standard of care, ensuring that our nation’s veterans, and all Americans, have access to the medical treatments they deserve.

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